About Us


There is the mind. And there is the body. For our founders, brothers Jake and Jamestate (JT) Peterson, their strong minds and talented bodies worked together to create superb multi-sport athletes as children and young men. Goals for professional careers were set. But unrestrained and unfocused training and competition, combined with inadequate rest and nutrition, resulted in numerous injuries for both of them (9 surgeries combined!). Studio Thirty is the direct result of all they have learned in their quest for optimal personal health.

For clients who are rehabilitating from injury—or simply trying to transform their bodies—Jake stresses the importance of consistency: consistent patience as the body heals and changes form, consistent exercise 5-7 day per week, and most importantly consistent raw and healthy nutrition. He is a true mentor for anyone interested in changing their life and overcoming obstacles to discover their destiny.

 From these experiences JT knows the blessing of living a healthy life and having a physically fit body. He’s turned his infectious dedication towards making an impact in people’s lives everyday, helping teens and adults stay healthy through a focused yet holistic lifestyle. Partnership and interaction is at the heart of JT’s success, working alongside his brother Jake to deliver the best workouts and encouraging the Studio Thirty community to reach for their goals together. “I want you to feel your best!”